The Best Sneaker Storage Organisers In 2023

Sneaker collecting has become a popular hobby for many individuals in recent years. With the rise in demand for limited edition and rare releases, it's important to have a proper storage solution to keep your collection organised and protected. With the new year already in full swing, it's time to explore the best sneaker storage solutions available in 2023.


One of the most popular sneaker storage solutions on Stack It Up is their stackable sneaker boxes. These transparent boxes allow you to easily identify and access your sneakers while keeping them protected from dust, dirt, and sunlight. The boxes are also modular, meaning you can stack them on top of each other to save space and create a stylish display. These are built for the serious sneaker heads. If you are someone who has 10 pairs of shoes that are constantly thrown in the closet, we can’t recommend these enough.



If you're looking to showcase your prized sneakers, Stacked offers a range of sneaker display cases that are perfect for showing off your collection. These cases come in various sizes and styles, from wall-mounted cases to standing glass cabinets. Oh, and did we mention that they are voice controlled and come lined with LED lights? This allows you to see your beautiful collection 24/7, and show it off to your friends around the clock. 


Looking to save on cash to spend more on your Jordans? Try the Stacked Magnetic Sneaker Box. Perfect for a day time display to show off to your friends, the box is sturdy, affordable and good looking. Although it doesn’t have the LED features like above, it is one of Stacked best sellers due to the simplicity and look.


Are you also a collector of bearbrick figures and tired of them getting dusty on your shelves? Fear not! Stack It Up has you covered with their Bearbrick Display Show Case Acrylic Storage Box.

The clear base allows for easy viewing and access to your collection, while the stackable design lets you create a stylish display that's sure to impress your friends.

So, stop letting your Bearbrick figures collect dust and get them a home they deserve! With Stack It Up's display case, your collection will be the envy of all your collector friends.

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