About Stacked

What do you do when you got too many shoes? What happens when your kicks keep getting dusty? Get Stacked. You want a way to protect and display your sneakers. We want to help you. Just open the magnetic latch and store your trophies.

We started because when a man has over 400 shoes, he needs to put them somewhere. We know they work because we use them ourselves. Your collection deserves a properly display case.

Research. Test. Improve. Your Stacked box fulfils that need you have always had. You got the collection. How do your display your collection? Stack it up high or stack it wide.

Give yourself the flexibility to put your stackable display boxes anywhere. Turn the lights on with your voice. You can power ten boxes from just one power adaptor or even from a usb power bank.

We can’t help you find your sneakers, but we can give them a home when you find that perfect drop. You can always save by buying your shoe cases in bulk.

Come check back as we are always trying to update and improve our range. If it stacks and displays, we are keen to bring it to you.

Our Location

7 Duigan Dr, Moorabbin Airport VIC 3194

Mon - Fri, 9:00am - 5:30pm

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